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Good people are the bedrock
of any successful organisation

Real Estate Recruiter


Drawing on our real estate industry experience, we create strong relationships built on personalised service and integrity.




We know our stuff

Collectively we have over 55 years' experience working in and for the real estate/property sector.

We might be small, but our depth of knowledge is unparalleled.


Salary experts

Fair and reasonable salaries are key to a productive culture in the workplace. With so much change in the property job market in the past few years, it has been difficult to stay across salary trends. Let us help you! We have our finger on the pulse and know the right salary bands to pay, to ensure balanced and accurate expectations on both sides. 


Melbourne + Victoria are our bread and butter

We recruit for Victoria and Victoria only. This means you get a depth of expertise in all aspects of the Melbourne property staffing market and local  Melbourne micro-economy.


A partnership of growth

Mutual success is arguably more important in recruitment than any other industry.  When you grow, we grow.

We partner with you to build your business through your most valuable asset - your people.


Recruiting differently 

Globally, across all sectors and industries, businesses are facing of staffing challenges right now. This means the recruitment landscape has changed. Spire are not just a 'screen and shortlist'

 service. We make genuine connections with our candidates and clients which enables us to tailor our recruitment services to cater to unique requirements.


Competitive fees

Being a smaller company, we can keep costs low.  As such we have a highly competitive fee structure where we can customise our offering to work within your company's hiring budget.

So who are the founders of Spire?

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